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Nirjhorer Swapno Vongo- রবীন্দ্রনাথের নির্ঝরের স্বপ্নভঙ্গ

এই কবিতাটিকে অনেকে বলে থাকেন রবীন্দ্রনাথের সেরা কবিতা। 

Let me clarify the pronunciation of the name Ravindranath Tagore. When we Bengali people write words of our language in English we follow sangaskrit spelling(we need to get out of it). That's why its really difficult to find out actual Bengali Pronunciation after reading its English spelling. Bangla(Bengali) pronunciation is different from Sangaskrit. Here the word Thakur is same in sangskrit pronunciation. I don't know why its Tagore in English.

'Robindronath Thakur' is the most correct spelling of the name. He is the most infuential, most popular and the most successful poet in the history of Bengali Literature. He got nobel prize in literature in 1913. 'Nirjhorer Sopnovongo' is one of the best creation of this great man. 

His poems and written and composed songs are most popular even in present days. Sunlight through window in the morning probably tends him to create such a wonderful poem. I can't express my feelings in English perfectly. Lets listen the poem recitation from youtube.


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