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Microsoft Security Essentials Windows 7 Latest Version

Best Windows Antivirus of All time
MSE Wizard

Latest Version Of Microsoft Security Essentials

You probably tried one or several anti-virus before. Sometimes it may slow your PC. The solution is to use light and effective anti virus. Who can be better than Microsoft?

Free Antivirus By Microsoft

Microsoft provide free anti-virus for windows 7 and lower version of windows windows vista. For higher versions i.e. windows 8, 9.1 or 10 you don't need security essentials. Since windows 7 is still popular worldwide, we are here to provide the best one for you. Its completely free and made by microsoft itself. Its popularly knows as MSE.

There are many versions of security essentials in variety of languages. Chose 32/62 bit version according to your need from the link below-

Windows defender on windows 7 provides onlu malware protection. Whereas higher version defender defend windows from spyware, unwanted softwares including the features available before. Enjoy the lightest and useful version of anti virus.

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