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A List Of Best Adventures Hollyhood Movies

Top Action Movies of Hollyhood
Hollyhood Action Movies

Naturally some people like advetures. The people who don't like adventure also like adventure movies. Here is the list of top five aventure movie of Hollyhood of all time-

    1. The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship Of the Rings(2001)
A Hobbit from Shire along with 8 companions to destroy a ring and save the middle earth from dark lord.

    2. The Big Blue(1988)
Enzo and Jacques are two childhood frinds. They became the world famous divers. The plot of this movie moves around them and their journey.

    3. The Wild Bunch(1969)
The movie is directed by Sam Peckinpah. He along with Walon Gren also wrote the screenplay of the movie. An aging group of Texas-Mexico plays central role of this movie.

    4. Back To The Future(1985)
Robert Zemeckis direct this movie. A seventeen years old high school student Marty McFly sent back 30 years into the past. Watch the movie to know what happened then.

    5. Indiana Johns And The Last Crusade
This movie is directed by Steven Spielberg. Dr. Henry Johns suddenly goes missing while finding Holy Grail. He plays a role to stop Nazis.

The movies listed here is not undoubtly the best adventure movies of all time. If you make a list of five films where one of these movies is not included. It will be unfair too. 

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