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How To Create Moving Text Using HTML Code?

Moving text is best suitable for breaking news
Use Moving text For Breaking News
Photo Credit: Gerd Altmann

How To Create Sliding Text Using Simple Code?

Sliding text easily can attract people and viewers. They spend more time to see what this sliding text is trying tell them, is it a message or, something else? Maybe you don't know, making sliding marquee(text) is one of the most easiest thing on earth. Let's go for the process-

This is a bold, Italic and coloured sliding text with clickable link

Watch the above text carefully, oh its a sliding marquee. The things you keep in mind while making something like this are-
  •  I need a sliding coloured text
  • A clickable link/  am anchor text
  • Larger or, smaller font size
  • Need to maintain sliding speed
All the above things are covered in the above text. Let's analize the code now-

<marquee scrollamount="4"><a href="" style="font-size: 22px;" target="_blank"><span style="color: #003300;"><b><i>This is a bold, Italic and coloured sliding text with clickable link </i></b></span></a></marquee>

Scrollmount= speed
href="web page you need to show after clicking the text"
font-size= I don't need to say. chnge 22px to your desired size
color:#003300 is a code, you can get any code like this for coor using pixie, a small application.
<i>For Italic text<i/><b>For Bold text<b/>

 I hope everything is clear now. If not comment box is open for everyone. Don't forget us- remember that we are Tutorialsbangla. Google will help you to find us later.

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