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Grameenphone Free Unlimited Internet Package
GP Internet

Its like a daydream now. There is no fair way to use gp unlimited internet package wheather in 3g or, 2g. You should go for alternative options. Grameenphone as the number one mobile operator in Bangladesh provide several types of regular plans and offers.

Our Tips For GP Internet Plans

Don't try regular plans. ডাকাতির মত টাকা সব কাইটে নিয়ে যাবে। See Regular plans here-

You should use offers. To find latest gp offers you need to keep eyes on grameenphone official website. Don't believe useless online articles like- ফ্রী জিপি ইন্টারনেট চালান কোন খরচ ছাড়াই। This kind of speech are complete vogas. They need your attraction, their publicity nothing else. Follow Gp Offers from official Gp website link below-

Unlimited internet with fair use policy was possible before. Now Grameenphone don't offer any kind of unlimited internet plans. 

Another option can help you if you are an android user. Download Flexiplan apps. You can buy talktime and internet according to your need. I think gp internet is only suitable for browsing. 

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