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Let's Teach For Mastery -- Not Test Scores | Salman Khan

Ted Talks Lecture By Salman Khan in Text

we're at today to talk about the two ideas that at least based on my observations at Khan Academy. Or kind of the core the the key leverage points for learning is the idea of mastery and the idea of mindset. And I saw this in the early days when i was working with my cousins a lot of them were having trouble with math. At first because they had all these gaps accumulated in their in their learning. And because of that at some point they got to an algebra class and they might have been a little bit shaky on some of the pre algebra. And because of that they thought they didn't have the math gene or they get to a calculus class and maybe a little bit shaky on on the algebra. I saw in the early days when I was uploading up some of those those videos on YouTube and and I realize that people who are not my cousins were watching. And I and you know at first those those those comments were just simple thank yous and I thought that was a pretty big deal. I don't know how much time you spend on youtube. Most of the comments are not thank you. The ledger than that but then the comments got a little bit more intense oh you know student after student saying that they had grown up not liking math it was getting difficult to get intomore advanced math topics by the time they got to algebra they had so many gaps in their knowledge they just couldn't engage with it and they thought that they didn't have the mass g but when they were little bit older they took a little bit of agency and they decided to engage they found resources like Khan Academy and they were able to fill in those gaps and master those concepts and that reinforce their mindset that that it wasn't fixed that they actually were capable of learning mathematics and a lot of ways this is how you would master a lot of things in life it's the way that you would learn a martial art in a martial art you would practice the white belt skills as long as necessary and only when you've mastered it you would move on to become a yellow belt it's the way that you will learn a musical instrument you practice the basic piece over and over again and only when you've mastered it.
it's pretty excited we think about the

type of equity we can have

and the rate at which civilization could
even progress and so I'm pretty

optimistic about it i think it's going
to be a pretty exciting time to be alive

thank you

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