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Best Audio And Music Player for All Versions Of Windows PC

Steven Mayall made this music player. Musicbee is totally free to use non commercially. That means you can do anything with this audio player except selling. Its not open source, only Steven Maywell can develop it. 

System Requirement:
     1.Windows vista, windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Both 32 bit and 64 bit versions are supported on musicbee. 
       2. You need .net 4.0 or higher
       3.Minimum 512MB RAM needed
      4.Available 50 MB space on hard drive is required

You can modify your required keys from hotkeys function. Music library sharing over lan option exist on musicbee music player. See wiki page to get more information about this music player. Music radio stations, podcast and soundcloud integration can be applied on this.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 11:30:00 AM

Download Media Player Classic Home Cinema Latest Version Released

Mpc-HC is one of the lightest video player for windows pc. It is oppen source software and support all common audio and video formats. It is completely spyware free and free of disguting ads on toolbar. You can customize it easily. 

System Requirements:
It is support all SSE capable CPUs. Probably you don't need to think about SSE, it will run on your PC. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10- If you have one of the mentioned version of windows it will be run on your PC on both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

Download Latest Version:
The version we provide you is the latest version released. We give you 100% surity because the download link is taken from official website of  MPC-HC. Download now-

Those two files are installer. Run installer it will automatically install the software. You can try nightly build for extra untested features avilable on their website.

My Complement: I found this video player as the best among all the players. It easily can play all formats of video. You can get an extra feature on full screen mode. This particular feature is not available on other video player softwares.

Free Calculator App For Android Phone

Phot Credit- Alexander Stein, A music producer who likes photography.

Calculator is something that we need each and everyday. We depend more on calculator than our brain to perform simple mathmatical operation like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Let's have a simple Calculator for android phones to perform these basic mathematical operation-

A very simple and lightweight app to use. Almost all the versions of android will support this app. This is an apk file shared via dropbox. Follow the above link and get it for your phone.

Keep eyes on our site to get more useful and free apps for android phones and free softwares for windows PC. Let us notify what you need by commenting on the section below. We are always ready to fullfill your need as we can. 

N.B. You only can perform operation using decimal numbers. Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal numbers are not allowed in this calculator.

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Labu Molla Can Copy Voices of Cinema Artists

মান্না, ডিপজলসহ সবার অভিনয় নকল করতে পারে লেবু মোল্যা

অনেকের কাছেই লেবু মোল্লা একজন পরিচিত মুখ। Closeup 1 এর অডিশন দিতে এসে লেবু মোল্লা তার প্রতিভা বিচারকদের কাছে উপস্থাপন করেছেন। নকল করা যে শৈল্পিক রূপ পেতে পারে তার উদাহরণ এই ভিডিওটি। মান্না, দিলদার, ডিপজল কারো অভিনয়ই তার কাছে অধরা নয়।
ক্লোজ আপ ওয়ান এর অডিশন দিতে গিয়ে বাদ পড়েও সবার মনে জায়গা করে নিয়েছিলেন অভিনয় দিয়ে। আহমেদ ইমতিয়াজ বুলবুল, সামিনা চৌধুরি এবং পার্থবড়ুয়াসহ ঐ মঞ্চে উপস্থিত গুণীজনেরা হা করে দেখছিলেন। যেহেতু অনুষ্ঠানটি গানের তাই তাকে ইয়েস কার্ড দেয়া হয়নি, কিন্তু গেস্ট হিসেবে পারফর্ম করার সুযোগ দেয়া হয়েছে। উপভোগ করুন ভিডিওটি।

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Create A Slideshow With Music For Free Using Android App

You can turn your photos into an awsome video slideshow instantly and completely free by using an android apps. The process is incredibly easy and instant. Immense amount of photos and copyright free musics are available online. You can use that option too. Lets see a video made by this slideshow as an example-

This app is brought to you by Scoompa Photography. This is top debeloper on google playstore for slideshow making. Main Features are instant use of- 
Photos, Text, Styles, Stickers, Music, Filters, Gestures and Modification. You can feel flexible with your first time slideshow making. See the above video to get idea. 

Among 396616 reviewers it manage to get 4.4 average star review. The requirement is android 3.0 or more. Size only 18 MB and current version is 10.5. Capture your moments and give it an artistic touch. 
All the reviewers are welcome here to make a review about any legal product. Send your reviw to- Be connected with us and enjoy our articles.

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Best Map App For Travel- Citymapper And More

photo credit: Willium Iven

Want to go somewhere, map is ready in your hand anytime to direct you to the right place. We are going to tell about some travel android apps. Those will help you for finding the best route of transportation. Most of the big cities of USA, Canada and Europe are covered in those apps.

CityMaps Offline Maps And Guides:

It works both online and offline. Where to eat, where to sleep, where to do....whatever you need is exist in this apps. This app is featured in New York times, Wall Street Journals, Techcrunch and so many popular newspapers and blogs. Among 4569 reviews it got an average of 4.3 star rating.

Maps, Navigation And Transit:
This app is made by Google Inc. Naturally it is an official app by google. People like 'In Google we Trust' can select this app for their tour or, travel guide. Among 6701047 reviewers it earned 4.3 star. 


This is the number one app according to average rating. Top developer and editors choice badge is visible on the right corner in Google playstore. Grand prize winner of Newyork app quest. Selected as design of the year 2014 by London design museum. 

All those three apps we have dicussed was got editors choice badge by Google. Your choice may vary from other, but it is safe to go with the choice of most of the people.  

Best Microsoft Office Alternative For Windows PC

photo credit: Sebine

There is no doubt that microsoft office is most perfect for official and personal use. Its features and utility leads us to use it. But the price of $149 is not affordable for us. More than 1.2 billion people use microsoft office. I don't know the number of illegul users. Let's see two free alternative today-

WPS Office: Its completely free and 83 megabyte in size. Its almost like microsoft office. You can run .docx file created on microsoft office. You may face some problems while writting equation. You need to cope up with it. Free template feature is really impressive here. You should use it especially for this feature. Download directly from here-

Libre Office: Another microsoft office alternative. It is totally free software. It is subjected to the version of Mozilla Public License Version 2.0. Its a open source software made by a non profit organization. Some specialization including Draw, Calculation, Math is found in this software.  Most stable released version can be downloaded from below-

Both of the above softwares are still a lot to improve. I hope your usual work of writing with good templates and obviously with more perfection is possible with these free softwares.

Were Things Better In The Old Days ?

Hasibul Hossain Shanto wrote a Bengali article about the gradual changes of our sports loving mentality. Football was once the most popular game in Bangladesh. People love to have a rivalry between Abahoni and Mohamedan. Cricket takes the place now.

সেকালের ফুটবল,একালের ক্রিকেট

বাবা-দাদাদের মুখে শুনেছি আগে আবাহনী -মোহামেডানের ফুটবল ম্যাচকে ঘিরে টানটান উত্তেজনার গল্প। তখন এলাকার অনেকে মিলে একসাথে বিকেলে টিভির সামনে বসে ম্যাচ উপভোগ করতেন।  আর খেলা মানেই ছিল সেদিন স্পেশাল খাবারের আয়োজন, কখনো ভুনা গরুর মাংসের সাথে খিচুড়ি আবার কখনো তেহারির আয়োজন থাকতো। সবমিলিয়ে সেদিন সবাই প্রচুর উত্তেজনার মধ্যে থাকতেন।

কালের পরিক্রমায় ফুটবলের জায়গা ক্রিকেট  দখল করে নিয়েছে কিন্তু উত্তেজনা আর আয়োজনের আবহ বিন্দুমাত্র কমেনি। এখন আমরা ক্রিকেটকে ঘিরে আনন্দে মেতে উঠি। আর ইংল্যান্ড, ভারতের মতো দলগুলোকে এখন নিয়মিত হারানোর কারণে প্রতিটি ম্যাচেই থাকে বাড়তি উত্তেজনা। আর আমাদের বাসার অবস্থাও আগের মতোই আছে, ম্যাচের আগে বিল্ডিংয়ের ১৫-১৬ জন মিলে চাঁদা তুলে মুড়ি,চানাচুর,ঘুঘনি,গরুর ভুড়ি ভুনার সাথে পপকর্নের ব্যবস্থা করা হয়। ছাদে একসাথে টিভি খেলা দেখার সাথে চলে খাওয়া-দাওয়া আর প্রতিটি বলের বিশ্লেষণ। মুস্তাফিজ থাকলে আজ ইংল্যান্ডের কি অবস্থা হত, সাব্বিরের ব্যাটে আজ কত রান আসবে এসব নিয়ে চলে তুমুল বিতর্ক। দুপুর থেকে চলা এই আয়োজনের সমাপ্তি ঘটে প্রত্যাশিত জয় পেলে বিজয় মিছিলের মাধ্যমে আর শুরু হয় পরবর্তী ম্যাচের অপেক্ষা...  

লিখেছেন হাসিবুল হোসাইন শান্ত

বাংলা বা ইংরেজী যে ভাষায় ইচ্ছা আমাদের কাছে লেখা পাঠান। এ লেখা পাঠালে এখানে আপনার লেখাও প্রকাশিত হবে। 

Best Action Movies of Last 10 Years

Photo Credit: Gerd Altmann We chose some of the best action movies released between 2006 to 2016. Let's go for those films-    ...

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